My Businesses

Have you ever walked away from something comfortable to pursue something uncertain? Sometimes in life, you have to be willing. 

In 2020, I left my role as Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy and Analytics at a respected advertising agency to become a full-time mother, a full-time professor, and a full-time entrepreneur. I’ve always wanted to serve others in a more direct way.

Things have never felt more certain.

1. I’m the founder and CEO of–An online learning platform where I teach and coach entrepreneurs, educators, marketers, and content creators on how to use digital marketing to accelerate their success without hiring an agency or investing insane amounts of their time and money.

2. I’m the founder and CEO of–A digital marketing agency with a singular focus: helping businesses get to the top of Google so they outpace their competition and dominate their market. We offer bespoke services in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) (also known as PPC), and website design/development. Why such a focus on search? Because your business can’t succeed if it can’t be found. (P.S. I’ve been doing SEO since Google was a baby. Read about my journey in Adweek).