The Metrics Garden

Come along with me for a moment.

Suppose you’re running a campaign to increase awareness of a new product. You launch a strong multichannel marketing effort and PR program around this new product. Six months go by, and it’s time to present the results of your awareness campaign.

What metrics will you use to measure success?

Products sold? Social mentions of the brand? Media pickups/articles about the product? Impressions? Website visits to the product page? Net promoter score? Awareness survey? Share of voice? Marketshare? Impression share?

When it comes to measurement, it’s tempting for marketing and communications practitioners to cherry-pick whatever metric they want to use, or whatever metric they are able to measure.

But the reality is this: For every marketing and PR goal, there is a best-in-class metric that all of us should be using. Period.

You just have to be willing to explore…The Metrics Garden.

What’s the Metrics Garden? It’s a living, breathing guide for marketers looking for the best-in-class marcom metrics. Whether your goal is awareness, demand generation, leads generation, sales, retention, or anything else, there’s a key metric for that.

The Metrics Garden is in development. If you want to be the first to know when it goes live, please join the waitlist. I’ll be sure to be in touch.