They’re killing us.


As a black person, I’m doing everything I can. But we could really use some allies.

A plea to white people.

You need to move from being non-racist to being anti-racist. The former is a mentality and the latter is an action. Please be our allies. Go to the resource below and DO something to end the brutality that’s happening to your fellow human beings every day. This ends now.

I can’t stop crying about this.

George Floyd was murdered…slowly…for 9 minutes in broad daylight by the people who are paid to protect him, while he pleaded for his life and cried for his dead mother. And these same people went on to file a false report about what happened and went home—like it was just another, regular Monday.

Thank God for a bystander’s video.

If you’re feeling “scared” or “terrified” by the destruction around you, please understand that those same emotions are what my husband, our three sons and I feel everyday when we step outside our home. And we’re not alone.

I went for a run in a suburban neighborhood the other day and stopped to sit on the curb to catch my breath. The only emotion I felt as I sat there was terrified… imagining which angry person might decide I didn’t belong there that day.

I feel terrified when I take my boys to the playground in the predominantly-white neighborhood by our home because God forbid they play with the wrong kid.

I’m angry that a white woman at the grocery store accused my 63-year old mother of shoplifting because she was “standing by the door”—and demanded to see her receipt. Her exact words were, “You people need to pay like the rest of us.”

I’m angry that my husband got fired from a job he loved because two white men filed a false complaint and management believed them.

I feel scared and terrified every single day.

The fact that the unrest, fires and looting are linked to bots and white supremacist groups is infuriating. We can’t even have our own protests without being marred by hate-filled people. Will there ever be a time of justice and fairness for black Americans? I am angry.

May we finally begin to see this righteous anger as the invitation to heal the wounds of our violent history and to uproot white supremacy from the fabric of this nation. I pray this righteous anger brings about change.

If you’re reading this and you know me and my family are hardworking, and kind people—remember that none of the four Minneapolis police officers stopped to research George Floyd’s character before they knelt down on his neck. And they won’t do that for me or my family either.

Racism in this country is an institution. It’s a system that’s holding black people back, and in some cases, killing us. Either you are actively doing work to dismantle the structure or you are, by definition, complicit—especially if you are white and reaping the rewards of your privilege (whether that is purposely or unwittingly).

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